I Didn’t Like Marrakech

There. I said it. I didn't like Marrakech. Now before you come at me with torches and pitchforks à la Gaston going after the Beast yelling, "but you're a travel blogger!", know that not every place visited is going to be a dream fantasyland. Also know that as for Morocco, I LOVE MOROCCO. Morocco as a whole … Continue reading I Didn’t Like Marrakech

The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

I'm sure you will run across a handful of holiday gift guides if you're looking for things to buy the travelers in your life (or buy for yourself), however I think I've pretty much found the absolute best gifts on the internet. All the guides I've seen have the same old stuff on them or they are … Continue reading The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Tulum in Two Days

Well two and a half, but who's counting? As I sit here watching the leaves fall outside my window, I have yet another case of "I wish I was back in..." wherever I've been lately. I've decided that Tulum is a perfect combination of all the things I love about a good tropical destination all … Continue reading Tulum in Two Days

The Elusive 10k

Eight months ago I remember reading something online (whether it was an intelligent news article or a Buzzfeed quiz, I couldn't tell you) but I saw the word "suitcase" and I thought about how much I really liked that word. People use "backpacks" or "luggage" but to me a suitcase is something old and battered … Continue reading The Elusive 10k

The Driveables – St. Louis

YOU CAN FIND ME IN ST LOUIEEEE Or so Nelly said back in the ancient days of 2000. Living in Nashville has me centered among a bunch of awesome cities all within a few hours drive, so why not see what they are all about? Recently I hit up St. Louis for a stay at … Continue reading The Driveables – St. Louis

My Open Letter to Instagram: UPDATE

Update September 17, 2017: Folks! Over the last 24 hours I had been hearing that shadowbans were being lifted. People all over the Instagram universe were celebrating. This morning, a friend of mine texted saying that hers, too, had been lifted. Apparently, precisely two weeks nearly to the hour after you were asked to verify, it's … Continue reading My Open Letter to Instagram: UPDATE