My Open Letter to Instagram: UPDATE

Update September 17, 2017: Folks! Over the last 24 hours I had been hearing that shadowbans were being lifted. People all over the Instagram universe were celebrating. This morning, a friend of mine texted saying that hers, too, had been lifted. Apparently, precisely two weeks nearly to the hour after you were asked to verify, it's … Continue reading My Open Letter to Instagram: UPDATE

How to: Survive a long-haul flight…in economy

I have been on my fair share of long haul flights. I'm not a frequent international business traveler nor do I have the luxury of jetting off whenever I want (yet!), but for an average Joe I've racked up about 20 flights that were roughly 8+ hours and to me, that warrants some kind of … Continue reading How to: Survive a long-haul flight…in economy

Guide to: Central Italy

Most people may not want to spend their vacations in a remote jungle in Laos somewhere like I do, but they do usually want to get to Italy at some point in their lives. Of the major landmarks in the world, most countries have zero to one. Italy, on the other hand, is chock full … Continue reading Guide to: Central Italy

How to: Travel on the Cheap

One thing that affects me the most is whenever I run into friends or acquaintances, I hear the same things: "I wish I could go there" or "You are so lucky!" or "Maybe I'll get there one day, I'd love to". YOU CAN. You absolutely can. The only thing stopping you is your own fear of going … Continue reading How to: Travel on the Cheap


"Why Morocco?" is the sentiment I've gotten most since having decided this North African country would be our next vacation destination. I suppose it may be overlooked as a place to which the average traveler would want to venture, but it's easily accessible, safe, not too expensive, and one of the most stunning countries I've … Continue reading Morocco