My whole “thing” in this world is making sure everyone on earth (okay well not everyone) knows that it absolutely does not have to be out of this world crazy expensive to travel to dream destinations. If I had a slogan of some sort it would be along the lines of “Getting the absolute best for the least amount of money”…or something like that. I don’t know if you would call us “budget” travelers. We don’t stay in hostels, rarely guesthouses of any kind, yet I manage to unearth really incredible accommodation (and flights) for even more incredible prices (persistence is a virtue). So I guess by “least amount of money” I mean that I find the most lux thing I can within any given budget. Whether that’s $50 a night or $400 a night, I feel like I have a knack for knowing what the best is for whatever amount of money, aka DEALS! So sure we travel as cheaply as possible, but we also know where to put the money and where to penny pinch. 

Since we stayed in Airbnbs in France (and really almost everywhere we go), I’ve been scouring Airbnb for the best accommodation deals I could find to show you and I’ve run across some preeeeetty good ones. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Best Affordable Airbnbs in Paris I could find for like stupid good prices for all shapes and budgets. (titles are links to the listings)


airbnb paris

1. Old World Feels


Talk about vintage vibes! This place is full of soul and right in the middle of Saint Germain so a perfect (and picturesque) location. One bedroom so perfect for a couple. Your Instagram will like it here.


2. Group Lux


Pleeeeenty of space for 6-8 people, and with such a great price it ends up being pennies per person. Modern flare with your own outdoor green space which is hard to find in Paris. Located in one of my favorite areas of the city, Montmarte. Three bedrooms (a fourth pull out couch) and three bathrooms. Total steal.


3. Tiny Terrace


The cutest little space overlooking the Parisian rooftops. The best part about Paris is having a terrace, and this teensy one has a little table to enjoy your morning croissant. Perfect location within a short walk to the Louvre, Le Jardin du Luxembourg and the Notre Dame, among many others.


4. Parisian Funky 


Sooooo COOL, this apartment must be clicked on so you can see all the photos. From the wallpaper to the industrial, gold counter stools, this place is a design dream. With two full bedrooms and a pull out couch, you can fit up to 6 people to bring the price down. Winter prices are really good however summer prices are a little higher. But if you do it with a group, the price per person is still pretty reasonable. Oh, and Laduree is right across the street.


5. The One We Stayed In 


This is the Airbnb we stayed in on our most recent trip to Paris. We LOVED it and the owner was soooo helpful. It was really spacious, a true one bedroom, big kitchen and a terrace to die for with views of the Montmarte rooftops. Would stay again 10/10.  


6. Eiffel Peeks



A suuuuper cute, bright little studio with a peak of the lady herself from the terrace. Complete with a typical teensy European kitchen and only steps away from the Arc de Triomphe, this is an ideal space for a very affordable couples getaway.


7. Family Splurge



This bright, white space is located right next door to Mrs. Eiffel and is wonderful for families or a group of friends because of how the beds are arranged. There are three bedrooms, the master with a king and the other two have two single beds. (Fancy shmancy bachelorette weekend?) The iron window gates and that view are what Instagram dreams are made of.


8. Big ol’ Studio


A good sized studio set up to maximize space and also a decent sized kitchen area (saving money making your own food, yay!). You can watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle every night from your bed. Woah.


9. Teensy but THAT VIEW



Not big on space but HUGE on views. The whole place plus the bathroom might be the size of just your living room back home, but who cares with a view like that from the terrace? Tiny kitchen, tiny pull out, tiny bathroom, but big in our airbnb loving hearts…and for THAT price.


10. Major Glam  


This place looks like something out of a show titled “HGTV does Paris”. Also good for a group of friends as two of the three bedrooms have single beds. Located off the Champs-Elysees so you can shop til you spend all your euros. Winter prices are a tiny bit cheaper, however later in 2019 it’s showing only monthly rentals. I’m not sure if that’s a mistake or not. Never hurts to just ask if you’re interested.







6 thoughts

  1. Loved the Big Ol Studio. Do you have contact information? Planning a Grandmother/granddaughter trip. Are there good deals to get now during Covid for later when they open ip? Appreciate any help. Thank you 😊


  2. Hi! Lovely and enthusiastic post! I’d love to see more of your picks in some “real” parts of the city, for example just outside the touristy bits of the Latin Quarter in a charming, original neighborhood (before Haussmann renovated much of the rest of the city). I find the area around the Eiffel Tower to be too sleepy, the Champs Elysees too touristy, and Montmartre adds an extra 10-15 minutes commute to the sights. It’s so nice to be able to go back to your apartment during the day to drop off purchases or pick up a jacket without wasting too much time!
    FYI, the links in the post do need updating. Four of the 10 apartments aren’t listed anymore (probably because of legality issues, not outdated links). Two of the remaining 6 apartments don’t have registration numbers, which is a big red flag since it’s illegal in France to list a vacation apartment without one. VRBO is in the cross hairs of the city of Paris because there are too many illegal listings and landlords who evade taxes. It’s really better to rent from an established management company who understands the complicated rental issues in Paris and has back up apartments in case the city closes down the rental you’ve booked.


    1. Hi thanks for all your feedback. The blog post is 3 years old and does need updating for sure. I do love Montmartre though it’s my favorite area of the city and personally think is worth the extra commute to stay there and I love recommending people to find their accommodation there. Keep in mind that my goal writing this post was to find awesome places within certain budgets and with only posting ten, I can’t cover every section of the city, especially ones I may personally have not visited yet. I do know I need to update some of the links, for sure, I just haven’t even had one second to do it. Thank you!


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