I can’t even hardly begin to fathom that it’s almost freakin CHRISTMAS. All the jolly holiday cheer is just around the corner SO YOU BETTER GET ON IT! No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or what have you, you’re probably panicking looking for gifts amiright?

Without further ado, here are all my favorite travel related items I either use myself or I’ve run across that will be PERFECT gifts for the traveler in your life. Some of YOU guys in my lovely community have even recommended some of these!

2019 Holiday Guide Top 10 Travel Gifts

1. Trtl


You might look like a doofus wearing this thing on the plane, but yo, it’s the BEST TRAVEL PILLOW I have ever used in my life. It outdoes any of those other pillows shaped like toilet seats. This one has boning in it to keep your neck at a comfy and natural position. I’ve never in my life been able to sleep on a plane until I got one of these and no they didn’t pay me to say this. Get yours HERE.

2. Dream Water Powder

Dream Water Sleep Powder, Best Natural Sleep Aid, Melatonin, GABA, 5-HTP, Snoozeberry - 30 Count, Top Rated - Non-Habit Forming

I’m a big fan of any kind of sleep aid when traveling. As a matter of fact, my cure all for jet lag is ZzzQuil. Whether going 8 hours away like Paris or 12 hours away like Bali, I force myself to stay awake until proper bedtime then zonk out with a sleep aid. Jet lag cured. This seems a little more gentle in a powder form and it said you can even eat it like a pixie stick. I’m sold. Recommended by @howlocanyougo and get it HERE.

3. Custom Map Jewelry by Talia Sari


How CUTE is this jewelry. There are necklaces, earrings, rings and more. You can completely customize the map to anywhere on the planet. I put in my small hometown of Jane Lew, West Virginia (population 400) and there were only like 5 roads but it’s still so cute. I actually have mine customized and on its way (surprise on where!) Start customizing HERE.

4. Stamps Beach Towel

Stamps - Beach Towel - Airportag

I saw this and FELL IN LOVE I NEED IT. I love anything travel kitsch and this is right up that alley. This website also has a TON of other super cute and customizable travel gifts like a boarding pass mug that you can input all the info down to the seat number! But yeah I’m probably going to be adding this towel to my Christmas list fo sho. Get it HERE.

5. Phone Tripod

Selfie Stick & Tripod Fugetek, Integrated, Portable All-In-One Professional, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Lightweight, Bluetooth Remote For Apple & Android Devices, Non Skid Tripod Feet, Extends To 51", Black

These come in all shapes and sizes and seem to be dead useful, especially for solo travelers who travel only with their phones. You can even get mini ones which would be perfect to set up on the trays of those low-cost carrier planes without a seatback TV. Recommended by @_lisa_bailey_ and get it HERE.

6. The Allyn Tote

Recommended by @gendallaire, this tote looks PERFECT for travel. A little on the higher end side but yet with the most excellent reviews, it seems to have a pocket for everything: water bottles, lipgloss, phone, you name it. It also comes in a ton of delicious colors and three sizes. Get it HERE.

7. The Travel Book

I have the older version of this and I love it. Not only is it full of information and beautiful photography, but it sits pretty as the perfect coffee table book. I’ve loved Lonely Planet for as long as I can remember and this book is perfect not just for my coffee table but for my ever-wanderlusting heart. Get it HERE.

8. The Adventure Book


I ran across this creation by @nicolenagelgast on Instagram and I fell in love. What a COOL IDEA! There’s a page for every single country for you to write in, put photos, create whatever you like about the countries you’ve visited. If this isn’t the cutest gift for the traveler in your life I dunno what is. Get it HERE.

9. Birdies

Ok, there might be a million shoes that people recommend that are comfy for travel, but I really can’t proclaim enough how comfy these shoes are. Look at that cushion! I wear my on the reg and not once have my feet hurt or even really noticed I even had shoes on my big ol feet. Also, Meghan Markle loves them. End of story. I have the leather, velvet and cheetah ones! Get some HERE.

10. Coordinates Collection Jewelry

Legend Necklace

Kind of in line with the necklace above, these guys put your favorite coordinates on necklaces, bracelets, rings and other things to make a unique piece of jewelry as a reminder of a meaningful place. Wedding venue? First place you traveled? Favorite city? Hospital where your kid was born? I love the idea of coordinates so much I kinda wanna get some tattooed on me…some day. Get yours HERE.


RUN don’t walk to grab some of these! It’s almost Christmas AAAAHHHHHH!!!


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