I have been to Paris in every kind of weather from hot to frigid and so I’m here to help you pack. Paris is easily my favorite city in the world and I can’t get enough of it so I hope this helps make your trip just a little bit easier. And also keep in mind that this is just a very basic intro to what to wear in Paris, but always do what feels most comfortable to you!

Quick Rundown on Parisian Fashion

Paris is the land of chic. I find it very hard to emulate a Parisian woman’s style no matter how hard I try when I’m there. The style is very basic, plain fresh makeup, lots of neutrals and black (however I have seen more color recently!), but just all around very classy in that basicness. I try and blend in as best I can with whatever the local fashion is wherever I’m going and not look American, or at least in a way that I’ll be secretly laughed at. For example, in the packing list you’ll see “casual sneakers”. That does not mean your Reebok running shoes or any kind of “gym” shoe. Think Stan Smiths or Vejas. And sneakers in Paris are worn with everything including dresses and skirts. These are worn a lot in the summer as well. You’ll see sandals of course, but maybe leave your Tevas at home if you want to blend in. All in all, remember to wear what you like and what makes you comfortable but that “I Got Crabs At Harry’s Crab Shack, Myrtle Beach SC” shirt might not go over so well so let’s just keep that one in the drawer for a trip to Paris.

Let’s get to it! You’ll find 3 packing lists below, Fall & Spring, Summer, and Winter. Just save them as photos right to your phone!

I hope you found these useful, let me know if you use them! Happy packing and if you enjoy other France posts, check out why I’ll never visit Paris in the winter again here and my Loire Valley castle guide here. (I’ve actually been to a few more since then!)

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