Welcome to my small corner of the travel universe!

I was unofficially diagnosed with a severe case of wanderlust during my first Geography class in 6th grade. You mean to tell me all that exists outside of this wee West Virginia town? 

One of my first encounters with someone from lands afar was not until several years after that, in college, and it was an exotic Canadian. He spoke his French and I married him soon after. We lived in Canada for a few years but a honeymoon in Turks & Caicos just wasn’t cutting my urge to get out and see everything. Fast forward to April 2010 – we managed to secure two English teaching jobs in Japan through a friend who was already teaching there (I had already been excessively jealous of his adventure, watching it all through Facebook). The husband quit his white collar job with Exxon and we moved to the other side of the world to begin our future of No Plans.

We lived in Kagawa, Japan for a year with the intentions of returning for a second, however, a myriad of weird circumstances pointed us to Korea instead. We survived Busan for nearly three years and to this day, I could still call it a second home. During our nearly four years abroad, we hopped countries any second we could and my only regret now is wishing I had a better camera.

Although Nashville is currently home (with a mortgage to prove it), getting out into the world is still always #goals. We will continue to vacation as much as our funds will allow and with a handful of continents under my belt and 25k+ people in my little community, I now feel like I am kinda-sorta qualified to give advice. I hope there is something in all my words that you find helpful and inspirational.