The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

I'm sure you will run across a handful of holiday gift guides if you're looking for things to buy the travelers in your life (or buy for yourself), however I think I've pretty much found the absolute best gifts on the internet. All the guides I've seen have the same old stuff on them or they are … Continue reading The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

The Elusive 10k

Eight months ago I remember reading something online (whether it was an intelligent news article or a Buzzfeed quiz, I couldn't tell you) but I saw the word "suitcase" and I thought about how much I really liked that word. People use "backpacks" or "luggage" but to me a suitcase is something old and battered … Continue reading The Elusive 10k

The Driveables – St. Louis

YOU CAN FIND ME IN ST LOUIEEEE Or so Nelly said back in the ancient days of 2000. Living in Nashville has me centered among a bunch of awesome cities all within a few hours drive, so why not see what they are all about? Recently I hit up St. Louis for a stay at … Continue reading The Driveables – St. Louis

How to: Survive a long-haul flight…in economy

I have been on my fair share of long haul flights. I'm not a frequent international business traveler nor do I have the luxury of jetting off whenever I want (yet!), but for an average Joe I've racked up about 20 flights that were roughly 8+ hours and to me, that warrants some kind of … Continue reading How to: Survive a long-haul flight…in economy

How to: Travel on the Cheap

One thing that affects me the most is whenever I run into friends or acquaintances, I hear the same things: "I wish I could go there" or "You are so lucky!" or "Maybe I'll get there one day, I'd love to". YOU CAN. You absolutely can. The only thing stopping you is your own fear of going … Continue reading How to: Travel on the Cheap

How To: Travel With A Backpack

  Traveling with only a backpack or carry-on may seem a bit daunting and even impossible for some of you (I'm looking at you, mother), but truly, it shouldn't be. Ever since the husband and I went on our first trip to Laos sans luggage, we haven't looked back. You may think that backpack travel is … Continue reading How To: Travel With A Backpack