Europe, Italy

Road Trip: Italy

Our road trip continued on through Italy, where we met up with some old friends for a few days. Original post 5/18/2014 We crossed into Italy a few miles after leaving Monaco. No border control here! I was bummed, I wanted an Italian stamp in my passport. As soon as we crossed over, the landscape… Continue reading Road Trip: Italy

Europe, France

Road Trip: France

Original post 5/18/2014 After our brief four days in Paris, we picked up our rental car there at the airport and prepared for our nearly three week road trip through France and Italy. Goal #1: Get out of Paris. This is much easier said than done. I think we made four loops around the airport… Continue reading Road Trip: France

England, Europe


Our month-long European journey began in chilly London. It was my first time in Europe, so London was an easy start. I do remember writing this on a phone, so the post is a bit dodgy (to use British slang). Original post (with additions) 6/8/2014 I am, in England. My first impressions of this… Continue reading England

Asia, India

Kerala, India

Original post 10/9/2013 For those who have never visited, India conjures up thoughts of elephants, the Taj Mahal, colorful saris, the clogged streets of Delhi or perhaps even the slums of Calcutta. A week ago, I was one of those people who only dreamed of India and what this massive country could possibly offer, and… Continue reading Kerala, India

Asia, Malaysia

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Imagining Malaysia doesn't always elicit images of pristine beaches, but alas! They are there! Along the eastern coast there exists several islands, many of which are perfect holiday destinations if you are looking for white sand and blue water. We found just that on Perhentian Besar. We accidentally went during Ramadan and much to Al's… Continue reading Perhentian Islands, Malaysia