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Samantha’s Suitcase Presets

Hi y’all! My guess is you’re here because you are looking to AMP UP your Instagram feed and make it look totally amazing yes? That’s what good editing and presets are for. They bring your feed together and ultimately, the followers come when you have a cohesive and beautiful feed. But also…most people don’t have $50-80 to spend on those big name presets amiright? Not that those maybe wouldn’t be worth the money they charge, but we ain’t made of $$$$$. So I’m here to your rescue to offer my Samantha’s Suitcase presets for only TEN BUCKS. (usd)

My presets are made for Lightroom Desktop, but can also be compatible with the the app if you have it! These will need to be downloaded and imported into the Desktop version of Lightroom (directions in the PDF) and then they can be synced to the app.

About Lightroom Presets:

Presets are basically “filters” for your photos, however with a filter I feel like it puts an overlay of sorts on top the photo, where proper Lightroom editing actually digs into the depths of the photo to manipulate it how you wish.

Presets, no matter whose they are or how big of an Instagrammer they may be, aren’t going to be one size fits all. Every single photo on earth is different, it has different lighting, different angles, different cameras, and that is going to determine the outcome look of whatever preset you apply. Presets are always going to look best with high quality RAW images, but these will still pump up your phone photos! Presets will not make your old iPhone 4 photo look perfect; as a matter of fact it could have the opposite effect. Once you apply any preset, 95% of the time they will need some sort of small tweaking to get them looking exactly how you want or to fit in with your feed. Whether that’s a little exposure brightening/darkening, lifting some shadows, toning down a certain color saturation or whatever, that’s okay.

I am now presenting to you the five Samantha’s Suitcase presets I have been working on for quite a while now. And because I don’t do things at all boring and if I see another “Jungle Vibes” preset I may barf, mine are named like Friends episodes and indicate what they are best used for. But, of course, titles are just guidelines and just because one says it’s good for the city doesn’t mean it won’t look fab on your beach photo. Just take a stab at them all.

The One That’s Cool For Sunsets



The One Where You’re in a City



The One That’s Good For Everything



The One That’s Light and Bright



The One With the Pretty Blues



Once you purchase, you will receive an email with the file to download within 24 hours (my website here is set up for only a simple payment system y’all, so I will be emailing you the file physically myself, hence the 24 hours because I could be sleeping, to whichever email comes through with the payment) and also a lovely PDF file with more info on them and how to use them to get the Samantha’s Suitcase “look” if you wish. Or you can use them as a great base to start your own! I’d love it if you’d DM me photos you’ve edited using them and if you post using the preset, please tag #suitcasepresets so I can see what you do! You can check out @suitcasepresets on Instagram for more examples!

If you’re ready, I’m ready. Make sure you check your junk mail if you haven’t received it after 24 hours!




Samantha’s Suitcase Presets

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*Digital products cannot be returned/refunded, so make sure these are what you want before you purchase.*