How to: Spend your time in Paris

  If you want to go out and see the world, there is a good chance that getting to Paris is on your list. It's on the list of backpackers, lux travelers, honeymooners and everyone in between and all for good reason. Paris has a certain allure of romance and grandeur that other cities just … Continue reading How to: Spend your time in Paris

Road Trip: France

Original post 5/18/2014 After our brief four days in Paris, we picked up our rental car there at the airport and prepared for our nearly three week road trip through France and Italy. Goal #1: Get out of Paris. This is much easier said than done. I think we made four loops around the airport … Continue reading Road Trip: France


After London we took the train to Paris. Europeans can just travel in between all these amazing cities in no time and with such ease. Cue the jealousy. I also wrote this on a phone so again, it's ordered weird and the pictures are at the bottom. Original post (with edits) 4/13/2014 PARIS IS BEAUTIFUL. We … Continue reading Paris