Ahh, Canada. The husband’s birthplace and land of not thawing until May. I’ve spent a lot of time in Canada. As a matter of fact, I lived in New Brunswick for two years. Canada is one of those places that, because of my connection to it, I hold a special place in my heart and I always like going back to visit.

While browsing flights, I ran across a very cheap one to Vancouver. Although that area was probably in the bottom third of my bucketlist, it’s hard to pass up a cheap flight. And it was a cheap flight somewhere really different than our typical vacation destinations, so we jumped on it and bought them.

If you know me even a little or pay attention to my Instagram, you will know that I am not outdoorsy. Hiking, camping, kayaking or anything else that causes me to exert energy outdoors is not in my wheelhouse. I like the idea of all those things, but I do not enjoy them. So going to Vancouver, outdoorsy people Mecca, was definitely going to be something different.

I was afraid we’d have the typical weather of that area of the continent, rain, but we didn’t see a drop our entire trip. It was sunny literally every single day. So, lucky?

lynn canyon suspension bridge vancouver
Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

I had a plan in place with things to tick off the list and none of those things involved being outdoorsy (the photo above is quite deceiving). I was actually looking forward to engulfing myself in all the Asian culture (specifically the food) while we were out that way. I miss Asia so much all the time, so being able to get all the ramen and bbq I could get my hands on was something I was really excited about.

I was really wanting to see some snow (we don’t get much here in Nashville), so we spent the day driving on the Sea to Sky Highway admiring the view, stopping at all the gorgeous photo ops and finally making it 7,000 feet up in Whistler. I may not like climbing mountains, but I really do like looking at them.

sea to sky highway gondola
Top of the Sea to Sky Gondola
lookout point sea to sky gondola
A short walk through the woods gets you to this point at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola



vancouver sea to sky
Stopping anywhere on the Sea to Sky Highway has views like this

We spent the day driving through the snow-capped peaks and ended the day in Whistler village, the cutest little ski heaven. We actually decided against skiing. I haven’t been in years and we’d have to buy travel insurance and all kinds of stuff, so we just visited and looked around and pretended to be a part of all the wintry hooplah.


Since we don’t get to see snow often, I wanted to spend more time in it so we had lunch at the Cypress Mountain ski lodge and then played around in the snow.

cypress mountain vancouver
Cypress Mountain

We then checked into the Sheraton Wall Centre hotel after sleeping on our friend’s couch for the last several nights. I can’t recommend it enough! It’s smack dab downtown and the views are to die. Make sure you request a high floor and the Club Level lounge has booze and snacks.

vancouver hotel sheraton wall centre

vancouver downtown sheraton wall centre
Club Level patio

45CF113E-99BC-403E-9AE6-FD43A6429786 7BCD3DAC-8F2D-4B45-9EC1-66FC69EC9A64
If you’re planning a trip to Vancouver anytime soon, make sure to stop at all these places! Even I, as an outdoor non-enthusiast, enjoyed myself.

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